Hello everyone. I am a sophomore starting a philosophy club at my high school. No other high school in the district has one. To get straight to the point, I need a clever acronym for the club's name. Although this isn't really a philosophical question, can you please take your time and possibly give me a good, witty name? We cover all fields of philosophy.

Well, I was going to say "High Phi" but then I googled it and remembered that it's the name of an organization trying to get philosophy into high schools. See here: https://www.academia.edu/1873708/Project_High-Phi and here: http://teachhigh-phi.org/

So, you might want to become affiliated with that organization and use some of their materials (and maybe the name).

Or you could let the members brainstorm for a name or have a contest or something. After you have them read a couple pieces, like Plato's Cave or Descartes first two Meditations, or whatever, they might use the ideas as springboards for clever names, like Mind Spelunkers or Living the Dream ... or something more clever than that!

Good for you! .... There's also this organization you might want to check out, interested in promoting philosophy in high school: http://plato-philosophy.org/lesson-plans-2/pre-college-course-material/

What you clearly need is a slogan and a t-shirt. How about "Philosophy: It's What You Think"?

Andrew Pessin

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