I have what most people would call a generally 'good' life (I think). I am doing well at university, I have good future prospects, I am young and relatively healthy, I have good friends, I have a close and supportive family, I spend time helping others through volunteer work, I am in a hassle-free and good relationship, and I have no financial problems. Recently however I have begun to feel that my life is more or less a waste of time. Although I have felt this in the past, I got rid of the feeling by doing more (studying more, socialising more, etc) and it went away for a bit. Still, I can't help feeling that unless I do something 'great', there is no point in my being alive. On the other hand maybe I should just enjoy every day as it comes, and ignore the fact that my life is ticking away in a pleasant but largely unremarkable fashion. Are people's lives only justified if they do something that they and everyone else thinks is extraordinary? Or is it okay just to be mediocre and content? Is it selfish to even wonder this, and should I just count my blessings?

It's probably okay just to be mediocre and content, but what you write suggests you don't really have the option, at this stage, of being content with mediocrity. Should you try to be so content? Is it selfish not to be? Hardly.

The question then is whether you have a good alternative to mediocrity. You suggest doing something great, something you and everyone else would recognize as extraordinary. This merits further thought. You would not want to make a name for yourself by doing something that's extraordinarily silly or evil, obviously. So, think about whether there is some goal that you recognize as truly important (whether lots of others do may not matter so much), that you are in an especially good position to promote, and that would interestingly engage your abilities and personal strengths. Think through two or three of the more plausible candidate goals in some detail and see whether one grabs you and might sustain your commitment. If you can come up with such a special goal, you have a shot at greatness. If you can not (after some serious effort) you may find it easier to live without.

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