Some philosophers hold views that assert A, and some others, nonetheless called philosophers, the contrary of A. Then isn´t that not just all about the domain of opinion? Some of them well argumented, wise and logically consistent, while others are less so. So can we just say when people think, reflect about things, then they are doing philosophy? Or please tell me the difference that distinguishes one person thinking from one making philosophy. Because if so I feel like that the field "philosophy" is a passepartout word and therefore not really useful or worthy of beeing discipline, it´s just what everyone does in greater or lesser depth (thinking)...and I think I´m wrong.

There are disagreements in many areas of thought, not just philosophy, and historians, physicists, classicists and so on all argue with each other much of the time. The people who work in these areas are all thinking, but philosophers are generally thinking about thinking itself, and not directed at a particular subject matter, which distinguishes the discipline from others. So they are not all doing philosophy at all.

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