I was engaged in a tense relationship with my supervisor for more than a year. The tension escalated in the last few months and culminated in him framing me for things I did not do. I was not given the opportunity to clarify (the allegations were not made known to me overtly). I have since left the organization but am now having thoughts about clarification now. I was fearful about clarification then as I thought it could implicate many people (including my supervisor), expend resources and worsen my lot without positive outcomes. These concerns remain. Even if I was to mediate (i.e. a conflict resolution approach), I could see no way in being honest and stand for myself while defusing the conflict and mustering a good ending for everyone. What is the right thing to do? Thanks.

It does not sound like there is a good outcome for everyone, as is often alas the case. Unless you are disadvantaged by doing nothing more, and you say you have left the organization, I would just leave it. It is annoying to leave people who have behaved disgracefully in a position where they can just repeat their egregious actions, but there is probably nothing that you can do in any case.

If my summary is correct then the right thing to do is probably nothing.Try to put it behind you.

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