With respect to the nature of consciousness, do you agree with the phrase 'You cannot be that which you observe', or can you point at yourself and say ‘this is ME’?

What am I missing here? I look in the mirror as I'm knotting my tie: surely I am observing myself knot the tie. That's the whole point of looking in the mirror!

It is admittedly rather odd for me to point to myself, say with my index finger, and exclaim "That's Alex". This isn't a case of self-observation, but rather one in which I use the demonstrative expression "that" to pick myself out. But which deep puzzles does this raise? What makes it odd isn't that I'm using language to talk about myself: I could have happily said "I'm Alex". What makes it odd is the peculiar choice of demonstrative, "that" versus "I". It would likewise be odd for me to say, pointing at myself, "He's Alex". How precisely to characterize the use/meaning of "that", "he", etc. so as to account for these reactions, I don't know, but I doubt that the answer will have anything to do with the nature of consciousness.

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