I need a thorough explanation on what the term 'qualia' defines. How would I use it in an expressive way? It's hard for me to formulate it in a sentence. In order to fully comprehend -- I'll need for the word to be deconstructed. Please and thank you.

A quale (plural, 'qualia') is supposed to be the 'feel' of some experience, such as seeing red, hearing middle C, or tasting chocolate. I think that the idea is supposed to capture the common--although not universally accepted--intuition that there is something that 'it is like' to have a certain kind of experience, that marks it out as that kind of experience. (For an excellent, intuitive, presentation of this idea, see Thomas Nagel, "What is it Like to Be a Bat?".) There is, I should say, considerable disagreement among philosophers about whether there even are qualia.

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