According to posters placed around my college 40% of women and 60% of men believe that rape is acceptable in some circumstances such as if a girl uses a guy for money. I contacted one of authors of that study but I received no response from her. I've tried to track down the veracity and basis of that claim but I can't and I think it's an unlikely claim. Does this show a lack of interest in feminist issues within society and on college campus? I really feel that it does. When I see stuff like that I want to know what I can do to correct it because I care enough for feminism that I don't like the idea that a movement that implicitly characterizes feminism as irrational and incapable of taking facts seriously has gained ascendency at the expense of other discourses that might change the world for the better.

One thing you could do is do a library search on the author(s) names, perhaps have a librarian help you. You are quite right to have high standards for empirical claims. Be careful not to let "I think it's an unlikely claim" have too much weight; the reason we do empirical studies is because we are sometimes surprised by the findings (otherwise, why bother?) Many feminist academics (although not all) have the highest standards in their research.

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