The problem with government is, in my opinion, not because of the type (democracy, polity, monarchy, etc.), but because of the social classes. If everyone was in the same class (upper, middle, lower) or if everyone was apart of no class whatsoever, would this eliminate a few problems associated with government?

I'm having a bit of trouble coming up with a realistic picture of what this classless society would look like. People have different skills, talents, affinities, backgrounds... and in the normal course of things it's no surprise that classes form. It's true that governments spend time and resources ameliorating some of the more vicious effects of class differences, but humans being what they are, I'd guess that the only way to avoid the formation of classes altogether would be by means of heavy-duty coercion. That, however, would almost certainly come from the government, and so enforcing the classless society might well make the job of government harder, not easier. Or so I'd guess.

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