Can a guy REALLY love you if he comments on other girls saying that they're cute?

Well, of course he's going to notice cute girls. Love might make you blind, but not in that way. But it is, to say the very least, tactless to notice too obviously, let alone to point them out. I suppose his being an insensitive jerk might be compatible with his loving you ... in his way. But whether you want to love a jerk is another matter.

I'm struggling though to extract any philosophical juice from the question! I suppose we might, as philosophers, remark that the concept of love is surely analytically tied up with notions of care andconcern for another (love isn't just a "feeling"): so genuine love is incompatible with behaving in too uncaring a way,too unconcerned for the other's feelings. But is commenting on cute girls being "too uncaring" ... or is it just being a thoughtless idiot who can't join up the dots ("he's a man, honey")? Depends on the guy and how he comments, I guess.

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