Is there really such a thing to do naturally? For example is there really a specific way to play a sport or do an activity? Or is the term "naturally" or "specific" something that we had just created to keep order and make everyone follow rules? Or is there a "specific" way to do something?

Usually when say that someone does something "naturally" we mean they don't have to think about it or practice very much. The other day I accompanied my friend to his son's high school basketball game. He looked a little stiff, afraid to take his shots. And he is a good shooter. We surmised that he was a frozen by the fear of failure -- fear was impeding his ability to be in flow with his natural talent, to play naturally. "Natural" in many cases connotes instinctive. In the movie THE NATURAL the protagonist Roy is born with this ability to swing the baseball bat. He did not have to work at it.