Largely the scientific community argues evolution as their leading theory behind the existence of life. The Church argues creationism. What if they are both wrong and in reality it is both. For anything to exist, it seems fair and logical to say - it had to have been created in order to exist and evolution is an obvious factor seen in daily life. So if true, could the two views merge one day?

Strictly speaking creationism says not just that life on earth was created, but that it was created by God; and evolution says not just that life has evolved, but that life emerged through evolutionary processes (and not God's act of creation). So they aren't strictly speaking compatible. One could, however, articulate similar views that are compatible. Some have suggested, for example, that God was responsible for the Big Bang, but things have proceeded according to natural processes since then. Compatibility or incompatiblity depends on the details of how you spell the views out.