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We can only live in this "here&now moment" fact, there is no way we can ever live out of "IT" it not?

If the alternatives are living in the past and living in the future, we can only live in the present. If the alternatives are thinking about the past and thinking about the future and thinking about the present, we have choices. "Living in the present" is a cognitive psychological technique used, often successfully, by those who brood about the past or fret about the future. Concerns with the past or future may be appropriate (e.g. someone regrets a romantic choice or gets a worrisome medical diagnosis) or inappropriate (due to anxiety, excessive guilt etc); the technique works for all of them. Many people report that it helps them live a fuller and calmer life. For those who suffer from poor impulse control or psychopathy, however, it might be better to focus more on the future and the past and less on the present.