Is the expression "white trash" racist toward non-whites because it implies that non-whites or certain non-white races are "trash" by default? Does the expression really imply that though? That is, is it (either the expression itself or the utterance, considered as separate questions) racist if we look at the expression in itself without considering whether a person understands its implied meaning? Perhaps we could also ask if maybe those who don't understand its implied meaning still have an unconscious understanding of its actual meaning and are therefor racist for making an utterance of that expression? Obviously the expression is an expression of class contempt which is arguably as ugly as racism but that's another issue.

It is racist and you cannot divorce a statement from its implied meaning. That is what implied meaning means!

In the part of the United States in which I live "white trash" is often used to describe white people who live like black people, and the expectation is obviously that this is inappropriate or worth noting by the use of the expression.

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