Is it possible to have the appropriate belief and desire towards a certain action without them leading into an intention to perform that action? So for instance, I have a desire to watch movie and I believe I can satisfy that desire by going to the nearest cinema. Should that belief and desire necessarily compel me to have the intention of watching? This seems not to be the case since sometimes I choose to forego watching for some other more compelling reasons (I have to read Hegel for class!). You might say that my desire to read Hegel is more superior than my desire to watch a movie, which explains my action to be in class. But is it not possible that I have the same belief and desire without them leading into my intending to watch a movie, barring any beliefs and desires whatsoever, or is it the case that having the relevant belief and desire, all things considered, should necessarily compel me to intend performing the relevant action? I would love to hear what you guys think about the matter. Thank you.

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