I am wondering if you could assist me with identifying a certain kind a fallacy? I believe it might be the Straw Man fallacy, but I'm unsure. In this instance, however, an opponent is not attributing false positions to an actual opponent. Rather, he is actually inventing a nonexistent opponent, or group of opponents, which he refers to by a generic label that he, the arguer, newly coined. Then, without defining what he means by that label, attributes all sorts of negative and easily debunkable views to that opponent. For example (and this completely made up), suppose someone is passionate about ice cream but dislikes vanilla, and so he calls his opponents "vanilla-ists", and then attributes to them all sorts of false attributes and easily debunkable arguments. Is that straw man? And is it straw man despite the fact that the group of vanilla-ists doesn't even really exist? (Clearly, "vanilla-ists" are not merely people who like vanilla, but, rather, are people who like vanilla AND who also have all the horrible attributes and weak positions the arguer attributes to them in addition to liking vanilla.) Thanks! Shane

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