Dear Madam or Sir, this is not a question but a request: Is there an introduction into philosophy that you would recommend? Hoping to get an answer I remain sincerely yours Matthias

Glad to hear of your interest in learning more philosophy! There are MANY ways to go about doing this, from taking courses in person or online, or reading on your own etc. And then there are many different ways to read on your own, from working through primary texts by the philosophers themselves or various secondary texts. You are right to solicit advice and opinions, and no doubt you will find some terrific works out there to get you started. But I would be remiss if I didn't mention several of my own books that are aimed precisely at people like yourself, interested to get started in philosophy.

(1) The 60-Second Philosopher: Provides short pieces each presenting one interesting idea or argument, hopefully to get the reader engaged in the activity of philosophizing.

(2) The God Question: Slightly longer essays (600 words), each presenting some ideas/arguments famous thinkers have offered on the subject of God and the many related subjects.

(3) The Study of Philosophy: A traditional textbook taking the reader through the history of philosophy, with primary readings included.

Best thing to do is have a look at these, look at the various reviews, search "introductions to philosophy" on amazon and elsewhere and look at those reviews, and then -- dive in!

good luck,

There are basically two kinds of intro philosophy texts: General intros and anthologies of "classic" papers. As Andrew mentioned in his reply to your question, a search on will turn up many good anthologies. But the two general intros that I heartily recommend are:

Nagel, Thomas (1987), What Does It All Mean? A Very Short Introduction to Philosophy (Oxford: Oxford University Press)

and an "oldie but goodie":

Russell, Bertrand (1912), The Problems of Philosophy, various editions and publishers

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